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We only went and bought another house !!

It accidentally fell in the basket ? Well, OK so we honestly hadn't intended to buy a second place but we just could not resist going for it when this beautiful property came on to the market a few weeks ago ... and can you blame us ?

How pretty is this Swedish house?

As you can see from the photograph it is a very traditional red Swedish house and I just love the complimenting colours of the yellow and green, a combination you don't see all that much. It has the most stunning gardens too with little trails that feel like woodland paths, a greenhouse and a little secret garden tucked away where you can enjoy a grill and just watch the birds and listen to the leaves of the trees rustle in the breeze.

The house does need a little bit of cosmetic work doing and of course it also needs furnishing before we can think about letting it out as a holiday home but we are hoping that everything will be pretty straightforward and go smoothly. We are so, so excited!!!

For years Jonathan and I have said that we would love to have a bed and breakfast or a holiday let, way back before the girls were born we dreamt of owning a campsite or cosy cottage up in the Lake district one day and finally our wish is coming true... I think had we stayed in the UK that would never have become a reality for us but since moving to Sweden, so may new opportunities have come to fruition that I never would have thought of before, this being just one of them !

The great thing is, and a lot of people probably won't realise this, is that here in the North there is a season to suit absolutely everyone.

If your idea of perfection is the long, white snowy winters when you can go skiing, ice skating and husky mushing then we are the place for you. If the thought of heading out in crisp minus temperatures to watch the northern lights dance overhead fills you with joy, then we have got you covered.

But perhaps you much prefer a warmer climate... no problem!! Come and see us at the height of summer when you can swim in the lake a mile up the road and play volleyball and use the sauna. Or perhaps take a short drive to the most idyllic golden beaches and enjoy waffles and icecream.

Come with us to the local midsommar celebrations where you can listen to traditional swedish music, dance around the maypole and enjoy the 24 hour daylight !! And don't forget about the various music festivals and outdoor theatre events up in the city! And there is the fishing too for those anglers out there ... enjoy the beauty and serenity of many perfect fishing spots.

And for those of you who think that foraging for chanterelles and blueberries in the golden glow of Autumn is right up your street then come and see us in September and October... you can enjoy long walks in the forest, take a dip in the lake if you are brave enough to endure slightly cooler temperatures and learn how to bake traditional Swedish bread in the old bakehouse in the village.

I would also love to offer a retreat for artists too one day... another dream I hope to make come true !

So I hope you will join us as we tentatively step foot on this new adventure... I will share it all with you and once we get the keys I will do a little tour on my social media pages !!

We simply cannot wait to welcome you with open arms to our little slice of Swedish heaven.

Much love,

Nic xx

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