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My name is Nic and this is my slice of Sweden...

I have a passion for this place and I am making it my mission to provide a cosy little corner of the internet for those who want to know about life in the far North of this beautiful land, through art, story telling and photography.

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My Story

In December 2020, amidst a global pandemic, my family and I decided to up sticks in England and leave our 400 year old country cottage behind for a new life in a yellow wooden house in The North of Sweden!!

Having never been to Sweden before we knew we were in for an adventure and we couldn't wait. We bought our house online, met our fellow neighbours through facebook and packed up our essentials in a single transit van. 

A year in the planning and we arrived in our beautiful new home and have been in awe of it's constant beauty ever since.

As a self taught artist with a background in holistic therapies I became inspired by the wide open landscapes, the dramatic seasons, mesmerizing nature and the most wonderful, warm hearted and kindest people.

By creating unique highly detailed illustrations, writing blogs and sharing stories here I hope to take you on a little journey, an escape from the everyday... a little glimpse of a Swedish moment in time.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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