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As the season changes shades of rust and gold... changes are afoot !

So my favourite season is here, Autumn is upon us !

I have always loved this time of year... It feels to me like the beginnings of a new start. A great time to sit and reflect on all the vividness and laughter filled days of Spring and Summer, and to make preparations for the calmer, quieter time ahead. To me, Autumn is the perfect time to take stock and log memories and moments shared with family and friends.

And then it is time to look forward.

We have all seen the many memes telling us to let go of things that serve us no longer, just as the trees let go of their leaves and as cheesy as it may be I think that that holds truth. There is definitely something very therapeutic about watching nature prepare for winter, seeing the bright lush greens of summer ebb into softer, muted tones before an eruption of flame colours greet us as a last burst of flamboyance before the quiet of winter arrives.

Something that is really apparent here is the change of season. It is as though someone comes along and flicks a switch declaring rather abruptly "Right, that's your lot Summer, Autumns turn now" and BOOM it's Autumn !! One day you are strolling in short sleeves through green grass and birdsong, butterflies fluttering all around and crickets chirping then the next there is frost underfoot, spider webs and dewy morning grass, with a nip in the air and a softer sun in the sky. And from that moment on everything becomes a riot of golden oranges and acidic yellow. And evenings start to draw in sooner as we lay the fire in the living room.

The same is true for all seasons, and lucky us, we have a 5th season to celebrate up here in the North that you don't get further south, Spring Winter... but that's a blog for next year !!

I find that my creative juices really get going too, it's no coincidence that this jazzy new website has been born at this time of year! And I am brimming with idea's for blogs, drawings and paintings! Not to mention food ! I am a foodie, I just love it and I adore the delicious bakes, chutneys, jams and stews that accompany this time of year. I will be sharing many of them with you on here. And in part should you have any beloved recipes for hearty home cooked goodies then I would love them... please send them to me and perhaps I can share them with the rest of the gang !

Another thing I just find wonderful are the zillions of different fungi that there are growing here. Back where I lived in Yorkshire I never noticed quite so many varieties, but here they are just growing everywhere. The most prized mushroom is the Chanterelle... a beautiful golden, frilled trumpet that is the most sought after treasure come September and possibly late August. You will see cars parked in the most random of places and think to yourself "Aha !! They are off searching for the precious Chanterelle". Indeed, they are so treasured that you are not likely to be told by a Swede where to find them. Each household has their own secret spot which they return to year after year, and they will not tell you where that is, I am afraid you have to find your own bounty!

I have to admit at this point that we were very lucky in our first Autumn here to have a friend show us a spot. He had several secret places marked on the maps in his phone so I guess he felt ok about showing this new English family where to find the gold after having watched them seek high and low to no avail. On telling friends about the generosity of this chap they were gobsmacked... and a little jealous perhaps !

Oh and another treasure we all seek that will not be shared by a Swede is the location of the tiny orange jewels known as Hjortron. A single growing berry that looks somewhat like an orange raspberry. It grows on a little stalk out of the ground as apposed to a bush and it is delicious !! I have yet to find my own special spot of these... one day Rodders, one day !!

I hope the glorious Autumn sun is shining on you today.

Much Love,

Nic xx

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