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If you would like to order something please send me a message or head over to the shop tab !!

So as many of you may know, since moving here to Skellefteå in North Sweden I have started up a small business stepping foot into the world of art and illustration.

For many years in the UK I worked in complimentary therapies and later on and as covid struck and the need to diversify became more needed I had a small sideline drawing personalised cards and drawings for people and painting wooden decorative pieces and I thoroughly enjoyed it !

It was when I moved to Sweden that I decided I would like to jump both feet into making a career of the artwork I create and I am heading into this new adventure full of hope.

However, I also find my eyes being opened to new opportunities and paths that I had perhaps not even contemplated !! More of that in other blogs but the purpose of this blog is to share my wood slices and ink drawings with you !

I have been commissioned a few times now to create pieces drawn or painted on to wood of peoples homes or favourite places and they make such great gifts ! It has been a real pleasure to make such special and personal art for people and I hope to do a lot more of it in the future !!

Skellefteå is surrounded by vast amounts of forest as is much of Sweden and that is where my inspiration came from to draw either onto wood directly or onto paper but framed with a wood edging as you can see below ...

My passion is drawing highly detailed pieces with black ink and I enjoy leaving pieces without colour, a splash of colour or full on colour ... so I can really tailor a piece to your request !!

I have even drawn houses in the Uk as a special request ...

My drawings and paintings can be packaged and posted all over the world and soon I will have prints available too !! And now it is June I think it is time to start thinking about creating a calendar and Christmas cards too !!

I would love to have many more pieces on here in my webshop so over the next six months one of my main goals is to finally create that range of greetings cards, prints, postcards and more !!

Keep your eyes peeled !!

Much love,

Nic xx

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