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The gooiest, chocolatiest Swedish cake !

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

Hi Guys !

Who loves cake ? Surely that is a firm yes from everyone here. What I have learned since living in Sweden is that Swedes love cake too and spend around 227 hours a year (according to a fika study) on Fika !


(in Swedish custom) a break from activity during which people drink coffee, eat cakes or other light snacks and relax with others.

Not only is fika an opportunity to indulge in delicious sticky cinnamon buns or light and fluffy semla but it is an important way of building relations and being social and is indeed undertaken often throughout the working day for that reason.

It's an opportunity for decisions to be made and secrets to be shared.

A wonderful array of cakes in a typical Swedish supermarket.

One of my favourites, though its hard to choose is Kladdkaka... a dense, rich, chocolatey, gooey centered chocolate cake the stickiest of which you've ever met !!

Getting a slice is not an easy task as it is literally glued to the plate with all its yummy gloopiness !! Here is a recipe if you fancy having a go yourself !! click the link below to view the delicious recipe from the clever folk at Scandi kitchen. I would really recommend their cookbooks if you fancy trying a bit of Scandinavian food (not only Swedish, for example the Danish dream cake is the lightest most loveliest cake ever) and they have a cafe in London and an online shop for all those Scandi ingredients and treats !! Check them out !!

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Wow! 227 hours per year spent on cake. 😍

Rather wishing we had moved to Sweden rather than Cornwall now. 😂

Thanks for the link to the kladdkaka recipe. I'm off out in the morning to get the ingredients! 😋

Mar 29, 2023
Replying to

Did you try the kladdkaka recipe Neil ? a truly sticky experience if done just right !!


Thanks Nic, a Fika recipe for next time we are there.

Sep 26, 2022
Replying to

Hej ! It's worth it ... very sticky and very rich, best served with whipped cream or ice cream !

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